Invited Talks


Repetition Without Accumulation: Doing Blackness in the Contemporary

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA

January 2018


Featured speaker, This is a Black Spatial Imaginary

Paragon Gallery, Portland, OR

September 2017


Critical Black Apathy

Keynote lecture, 11th Annual Undergraduate Conference, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Portland State University, Portland, OR

April 2017


The Slowness

Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, OR

February 2017



Select Conference Presentations


Gestures of Dissent

Roundtable, American Studies Association, Chicago, IL

November 2017


Stealing Away: Black Embodiment and Shelter in Light of Scenes of Subjection

Roundtable, American Studies Association, Denver, CO

November 2016


Fugitive Latinx Sounds: Insertion, Disruption, and Overhaul in the Gentrifying Landscape

Mapping Sound: Sonic Urbanity and Space in the Americas

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

October 2014


On Witchy Darkness

Queer Nightlife

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

March 2014


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