What's it like to get your life at night?

co-edited with Kareem Khubchandani & Ramon Rivera-Servera


The collected essays in Queer Nightlife center the labor of queer and trans people who apprehend the risky medium of the night to explore, know, and stage their bodies, genders, and sexualities in the face of systemic and social negation.


We focus on nightlife contexts that have important value for subcultural production by sexual and gender dissidents such as house parties, nightclubs, bars, bathhouses that offer improvisatory conditions, possibilities for “stranger intimacies” (Nayan Shah 2004) and privilege music, dance, and sexual/gender expressions.


Queer Nightlife was awarded the 2017 José Esteban Muñoz award from the American Society for Theatre Research, providing funding for 3 years of programming (including the 2017 revue, Mighty Real) and targeted workshop sessions.




© Kemi Adeyemi 2018